What We Do

My Vote Counts NPC is a non-profit company founded to improve the accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of elections and politics in the Republic of South Africa. We work to ensure that the political and electoral systems are open, fair and accountable to the public and that they remain relevant in the changing South African socio-political context.

MVC’s vision is for a South African political and electoral system that upholds and reflects the constitutional principles of transparency, inclusiveness and accountability.

Our mission is to contribute to discussions, initiatives and actions that promote and protect a transparent, inclusive and accountable political and electoral system in South Africa.

We achieve our mission and vision through:

Our work advocates for open, equal and accountable politics and elections in South Africa.

We conduct research that helps to inform MVC’s advocacy and popular education activities, to provide an understanding of political and electoral issues and to provide policy alternatives for the South African political and electoral systems based on the changing economic and socio-political context.

Popular Education
We produce popular education material to allow for a clearer understanding of South Africa’s political and electoral systems.

We initiate litigation, as a last resort, in order to ensure that the constitutional principles of transparency, inclusiveness and accountability remain the basis of our political and electoral systems.