My Vote Counts (MVC) advocates for accountability and transparency in the sourcing and utilisation of funds for political parties. The specific nature of the work calls for clearly defined fundraising principles, to ensure the integrity of the organisation’s mission is not compromised. MVC acknowledges that these principles are different to the ones that it demands from political parties but believes the two scenarios are not comparable. MVC is not a member based organisation, nor is it a public organisation, nor does it receive money from the South African government.

Based on this, the following principles have been adopted:

MVC will:
• Disclose all sources of funding
• Accept funds from philanthropic sources, both local and international

MVC will not:
• Accept secret funds
• Accept funds with conditions, which compromise the mission and objectives of the organization
• Accept funds from political parties
• Accept funds directly from corporations or foreign governments

MVC acknowledges the funding principles drafted at the inaugural meeting in July 2012, but agrees to these new funding principles, provided public announcement is made to this effect.

Donors and Sponsors