Letter to political parties requesting funding transparency prior to elections
28 March 2014

Letter from the Chief Electoral Officer of the Electoral Commision, Mr MS Moepya
4 February 2013

Letter to the Electoral Commission
16 January 2013

Letter from the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr MV Sisulu
10 December 2012

Letter to the Speaker of the National Assembly
8 November 2012

Recommended Reading


27 September 2017

MVC’s Founding Affidavit
8 July 2014

The Panel for Assessment of Parliament Report
Led by former MP and current Human Rights Commission vice-chair Pregs Govender in 2009. It recommended, amongst other things, the introduction of a mixed constituency-proportional electoral system.

Electoral Task Team Report on Electoral Reform
Cabinet appointed the 2002 Electoral Task Team, led by Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert, to investigate the possibility of making changes to the South African electoral system. The team’s report was released in 2003 and is available above.

Electoral Task Team Report on Electoral Reform – a two-page summary

Judgement: IDASA and Others v ANC and Others
In November 2003 the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) launched an application with the Cape High Court asking for the country’s four largest parties (ANC, DA, IFP and NNP) to disclose records of the private donations they had received. Even though the application was dismissed by the judgment delivered on 20 April 2005, the case generated much-needed public debate on party funding transparency. The High Court judgment is available above.

Money and Politics in South Africa: Meeting our Next Democratic Challenge
Excellent paper giving background on the issue of political party finance in South Africa. From the South African Money and Politics Project (MAPP) of the Open Society Foundation for South Africa.

Do Parliaments Matter? African Legislatures and the Advance of Democracy
This policy paper in the Perspectives series of the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s South African office is a comparative overview of African parliaments, outlining potential strengths and weaknesses.

The current Electoral Act 73 of 1998, including regulations.

The ANC’s 2007 Polokwane paper, ‘Legislature and Governance for a National Democratic Society’, in which it rejects the recommendations of the Electoral Task Team for a range of carefully argued reasons. interview with Ebrahim Fakir on party funding.

MVC’s Heads of Argument for Constitutional Court Case

Sachs Commission Report on Electoral Reform in Mauritius