My Vote Counts supports the Unite against Corruption march due to take place on 30 September in Cape Town and Pretoria.

In January 2015, the Institute for Internal Auditors, South Africa has lost R700 billion to corruption. This week while launching South Africa’s Development Indicators for 2014, Minister in the Presidency, Jeff Radebe that South Africa’s score on the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index had shown a ‘slight improvement’. Yet, we know this is not enough and that corruption in both the public and private sectors has reached unacceptably high levels.

Judith February, MVC Campaign Coordinator said this week that, ‘MVC supports the Unite against Corruption’ march and calls upon all political parties to be open and transparent about who funds them, specifically during this period leading to the 2016 local government elections. We know that secret donations foster corruption.’ In addition, MVC has noted that ‘the ruling ANC has continued to tender for state contracts via its investment vehicle, Chancellor House’, said February. This blurring of party and state has had serious consequences for development and transparent and accountable governance.

‘Civil society however should not be complacent and where there is corruption or conflicts of interests within our ranks, we should be equally vociferous in pointing this out.’, February continued. The march, MVC says is about ordinary citizens and not a few high profile individuals. ‘The march will therefore only have the desired impact if ordinary citizens take to the streets in their numbers in 30 September 2015’, February added.


For more information please contact:

Judith February

Campaign Coordinator

Tel: 0834539817