The Resolutions that came out of the ANC National Conference at Mangaung included the need for financial accountability as well as transparency.


9.1. Public funding should be expanded in order to promote and support democracy. Such funding will be accompanied by full financial accountability and transparency by political parties, including regulation of private financing of political parties.

9.9 Foreign funding should be permitted but must be regulated to avoid abuse and manipulation by external forces in the political affairs of our country.

Another resolution (9.14) states that all outstanding matters from the previous conference, be finalised within 12 months.

Resolution 63 from the previous conference (ANC 52nd National Conference) directly addresses party funding regulation and as it is still an outstanding matter, should therefore be dealt with within 12 months, according to resolution 9.14.

Resoultion 63 from the 52nd National Conference

” The ANC should champion the introduction of a comprehensive system of public funding of representative political parties in the different spheres of government and civil society organisations, as part of strengthening the tenets of our new democracy. This should include putting in place an effective regulatory architecture for private funding of political parties and civil society groups to enhance accountability and transparency to the citizenry. The incoming NEC must urgently develop guidelines and policy on public and private funding, including how to regulate investment vehicles.”

For the full document of resolutions, click on ANC 53rd National Conference Resolutions