About My Vote Counts

My Vote Counts NPC is a non-profit company founded to improve the accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of elections and politics in the Republic of South Africa.

We work to ensure that the political and electoral systems are open, fair and accountable to the public and that they remain relevant in the changing South African socio-political context.

We achieve this by campaigning to reform the political party funding system in the Republic, through the introduction of legislation and other regulatory measures; campaigning to reform the electoral system of the Republic; and creating platforms which aim to unite citizens and organisations in finding democratic solutions to the challenges of our time, with a particular focus on civic, legal and political education.

Donor Relationships

To preserve our independence, My Vote Counts seeks donations from a multiplicity of donors, however, we do not accept secret funds, funds with conditions which compromise the mission and objectives of the organisation, funds from political parties, funds directly from corporations or foreign governments.