National Assembly Image by: Bulumko Gana

On 18 April the National Council of Provinces announced it will establish an ad hoc committee to look into the Political Party Funding Bill after it was passed in the National Assembly in March 2018. The Bill marks the first of its kind as it seeks to have political parties disclose their financial donors to the public to ensure voters make an informed decision at the polls. In addition to this, it could serve as a means to curb party and state corruption. MVC welcomes the Bill yet notes loopholes that could see political parties get away with not disclosing such crucial information and is therefore seeking to have certain clauses amended.

For an in-depth understanding of what this Bill entails, we have included a policy brief to help inform the public on what it all means and why it is important to engage in this process.

Click here to read the Political Party Funding Bill Policy Brief and let us know your thoughts.

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