On Monday 31 March MVC and a wide-range of mass-based organisations and NGOs, representing thousands of voters, wrote to 14 political parties demanding to know that their ordinary ballots will not be outweighed by the bank balances of others, whose interests might come into conflict with their own. We wrote,
‘As you campaign in the elections we call on you to show South African voters that you are genuinely committed to the Constitutional principles of accountability and transparency by providing us with a detailed breakdown of all private donations that your party received over the past twelve months (1 March 2013 – 28 February 2014). Private donors include individuals, trusts, corporations and foreign governments. Please provide detailed information including the name of the donor and the amount received.’
We requested that they provide us with a detailed written response by no later than 10 April 2014. This information should be recorded by parties and easily disseminated in terms of generally accepted accounting practices.
Not one party disclosed this information as requested. Please find enclosed below the responses received.

AGANG SA Response to My Vote Counts Campaign

AZAPO Response to My Vote Counts Campaign letter 31 March 2014

DA Response to My Vote Counts Campaign

IFP Response to My Vote Counts Campaign