On 15 APRIL 2014 the Vote Campaign was launched in Johannesburg. The campaign, launched by prominent ANC stalwarts, anti-aprtheid activists and several civil society organisations, intends to encourage people to send a strong message primarily to the ANC but to all political parties that those in power must listen to and serve the people, ‘[t]his campaign is about concerned South African citizens VOTING in defense of their hard earned democracy. It is not a No Vote.’
The final press statement included MVC is an initial signatory. This is incorrect.
MVC had invited Mr Kasrils to present the Vukani Campaign at it’s Party funding workshop on Monday 14 April, which it hosted with the Awethu! Platform. Although MVC regards the Vukani Campaign as an important contribution towards deepening democracy and encouraging voters to think about the ways in which they can participate in the 7 May elections, MVC ultimately decided that it will not endorse the campaign because of concerns about the way in which spoilt ballots are calculated.
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