Here is the video from the protest play that My Vote Counts staged in front of the World Economic Forum (before we got kicked out).

The wedding illustrates the relationship between big business and government and how many of our corruption scandals come from this union. The ‘guests’ at the wedding include Nkandlagate, Guptagate, Foreign Funding, a soldier from the C.A.R , the Arms Deal as well as the Secrecy Bill and the National Key Points Act.

The wedding was presided over by Reverend Alan Storey. This protest play makes light of a very serious problem our country faces in order to spark interest in an issue that many feel is something that nothing can be done about. This is not the case. My Vote Counts has been trying to engage parliament on this issue for the past year, demanding legislation to regulate party funding. We aim to take legal action if our demands are not met.