Dear friends,

The My Vote Counts (MVC) campaign cordially invites all interested citizens to the SECRET wedding of Big Business and the South African State on Thursday 9 May 2013! 

The wedding will take place at an undisclosed location near the Waterklooffront, and will be streamed live at Updates will also be on Facebook (My Vote Counts) and Twitter: @MVC_SA #GuptaVows #MVC

Guests of note include: Schabir Shaik, the Guptas, President Zuma, soldiers recently returned from CAR, and representatives of Nkandla, Oilgate, the Arms Deal, Eskom, and foreign corporations. 

The ceremony will be presided over by Reverend Alan Storey, and the bride and groom will be protected by Lady Justice.

Interested parties are encouraged to follow this prestigious event on Facebook and Twitter.

The gift registry cannot be disclosed because of the National Key Points Act, but we encourage you to send presents anonymously. Your details will be kept confidential!  



How much is enough? With the endless string of scandals tainting South Africa since 1994, we hope this wedding will highlight the lack of transparency when it comes to money and politics in this country and the corruption that ensues as a result.

People around the world are tired of the unholy alliance between State and Business. The United States’ 2012 presidential election was the most expensive in history, totaling 6.3 BILLION dollars. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaigns spent a combined $2.6 million every DAY this past election cycle. That does not seem like the best use of money for a country that is currently in the midst of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

In developing countries like South Africa, parties spend enormous sums of unnecessary money with no rules to regulate expenditure. The total cost? Unknown. Much of this money comes from corporations and wealthy individuals, which often, but not always, carries a political debt. IMG_1600