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MVC responds to the Alliance Political Council Statement

My Vote Counts (MVC) welcomes the statement by the Alliance Political Council with regards to the stance it has taken to call on ‘government to introduce legislation to regulate political party funding.’

The lack of regulation around political parties’ finances has created a breeding ground for corruption, secrecy, and state capture. In order for democracy to thrive, we need party funding to be transparent and carefully regulated, to ensure that wealthy individuals, companies and even foreign governments are not able to influence politicians by making secret donations.

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On 11 August 2016, as part of the Public Protector Ad Hoc Committee interviews, MP Amos Masondo asked Ms Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh, one of the candidates, several questions about the funding of the civil society organisation of which she is the executive director. Here is MVC’s Open Letter to MP Amos Masondo regarding the questions that he posed to Ms Ramjathan-Keogh.

Click here to view the Open Letter to MP Amos Masondo

My Vote Counts launches new court case on private political party funding

On 28 July 2016, MVC held a press briefing to announce that it has applied to the Cape Town High Court for an order to declare that PAIA is invalid and unconstitutional insofar as and to the extent that it fails to make provision for the continuous and systematic recording and disclosure of information regarding the private funding of political parties and independent ward candidates.

The following documents that were made available at the press briefing can be found here:

MVC Press Statement
MVC Press Statement

The Founding Affidavit
MVC Founding Affidavit

Relevant MVC Fact Sheets
MVC Fact sheets